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In The Spotlight – UNKNWN

Retail quality, only the best in garment decorating/ heat transfers
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Unknwn “The sport of fashion”
Unknwn is located in the Biscayne mall .

With a constant eye for what’s next in fashion and culture, UNKNWN is creating a new masculine fashion experience, rooted in the modern convergence of sport, fashion, technology, street, music and access for all.

UNKNWN offers an authentic curated assortment of covetable sneakers, modern streetwear and designer apparel. This commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations has led us to expand our reach throughout the US and Canada.  Our commitment to our customers to provide new, genuine fashion remains constant.

2017 New catalog stock / new catalog custom/new catalog pets



Artbrands is very excited to introduce our new 2017 catalog. We feel it is the best catalog that we have ever printed. Many new designs and updated old favorites.

April 1st we are announcing a new updated website both stock and custom. This will be very easy to use and have lots of the innovations that you have come to expect from us.






Larry Levine


CEO  Artbrands



Dean Russo


Heat presses, foreign or domestic ?

imgresThis is a huge issue for many of us on many levels. Aside from patriotic considerations here are my thoughts on this.

We sell heat presses so that our customers can have the full package from us. Frankly we make our money on selling heat transfers so in our minds we want to sell a heat press that will work properly, and not cause us any problems. There are many great heat presses made domestically.

We chose to stick with Hix because they have been around the longest, and they make a very reliable machine.

When we look at problems from heat presses they are almost always from off brands and unfortunately many are from China.

We have purchased and looked at machines from China, Italy and other places . The simple truth is that if you buy a cheap press, you are getting a …. cheap heat press. There may be pressure issues, uneven heat distribution. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR T SHIRT PRINT BUSINESS IS YOUR HEAT PRESS.

We will continue to explore other heat presses but until we see one that is up to our standards we will not carry any from overseas.

In the mean time we continue to make our transfers easy to print with a wide room for heat and pressure to accommodate our customers .

Also please check out our new Deco trans designer. It is a work in process with more art to be loaded but so far the response has been terrific. We are using a proprietary paper that makes great , high quality, quick digit prints. We are also making stickers and posters.

So far this has been a ” banner year” , sorry for the pun . Thanks for your support.


Larry Levine


Artbrands llc

DTG or Transfers ?

Heat transfers or DTG ?

Heat transfers or DTG ?

I would like to know your thoughts on this subject .  Here are mine. When cable television first came out I remember signs on movie theatres that said we should ban cable television because it would kill movie theatres. Billions upon billions later for both the cable and movie theatres later they are both still here and are thriving.

DTG has its place . They are decent if you are making samples, doing one of a kind designs on the internet etc. They are however very expensive still to buy ( I dont care what kind of payments schemes there are out there) . They are most importantly very expensive per shirt to print.

I have seen dark shirt printing cost as much as 8 dollars with the average probably being 2 to 4 dollars a piece.

Here is what they don’t tell you. There are misprints. The cost of labor ( even if you are standing there doing nothing still has a cost) . The pre treatment all add up. Finally the end product can be acceptable but in my opinion can never match the colors, intensity of a beautiful screen printed ( screen printed heat transfers as well) garment or product.

There is also a few other factors. They are slow unless you purchase the industrial strength ones one cannot survive printing 20 to 30 shirts an hour if you are lucky. Each shirt takes way too much time for production. A heat transfer depending on the size, complexity, process can be as little as 25 cents on up to 5 dollars.

Our screen printed transfers also have special effects, glitter, neon, color change ( in the sun) . reflective, glow in the dark.

Our “Deco Trans” product line is a digital heat transfer that is very effective for short runs. It has been very successfujl with customers reordering consistently.

Tell me your thoughts . I may even tell you which DTG machines that I like . I have seen them all.


Larry Levine