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DTG or Transfers ?

Heat transfers or DTG ?

Heat transfers or DTG ?

I would like to know your thoughts on this subject .  Here are mine. When cable television first came out I remember signs on movie theatres that said we should ban cable television because it would kill movie theatres. Billions upon billions later for both the cable and movie theatres later they are both still here and are thriving.

DTG has its place . They are decent if you are making samples, doing one of a kind designs on the internet etc. They are however very expensive still to buy ( I dont care what kind of payments schemes there are out there) . They are most importantly very expensive per shirt to print.

I have seen dark shirt printing cost as much as 8 dollars with the average probably being 2 to 4 dollars a piece.

Here is what they don’t tell you. There are misprints. The cost of labor ( even if you are standing there doing nothing still has a cost) . The pre treatment all add up. Finally the end product can be acceptable but in my opinion can never match the colors, intensity of a beautiful screen printed ( screen printed heat transfers as well) garment or product.

There is also a few other factors. They are slow unless you purchase the industrial strength ones one cannot survive printing 20 to 30 shirts an hour if you are lucky. Each shirt takes way too much time for production. A heat transfer depending on the size, complexity, process can be as little as 25 cents on up to 5 dollars.

Our screen printed transfers also have special effects, glitter, neon, color change ( in the sun) . reflective, glow in the dark.

Our “Deco Trans” product line is a digital heat transfer that is very effective for short runs. It has been very successfujl with customers reordering consistently.

Tell me your thoughts . I may even tell you which DTG machines that I like . I have seen them all.


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First post for Larry Levine Artbrands


My name is Larry Levine President of Artbrands llc

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time. I love to write and I love to talk to customers or potential customers. This is a crazy, fun business that we are in. As I have said often We are not curing cancer.

The heat transfer business is constantly changing and I have practically seen it all. My Dad was in this business way back in the 1970s and was a pioneer in heat transfers. That is how and why I ended up in Columbus Ohio. I went to Ohio State became a life long Buckeye fan. One of my sons ( I have 5 kids) even was a band member ( The best damn band in the land OSU marching band).


I have been in Columbus Ohio now for many years even though we don’t have mountains, an ocean it is a very cool, dynamic , growing city and I love it.

Now on to business. Let me tell you my background. I have been a stand up comedian, door to door sales person, talk show host ,writer,  and a businessman.

I have been lucky enough in my life to have met very interesting people from Alexander Haig , Jay Leno, to most of todays celebrities. It is just part of our business. I am not jaded , I am a fan and I still look in awe at people who have accomplished much and are in the public eye.

I love to create products, market , promote . It is kind of like the feeling before a big game the excitement, the thrill , the letdown and the exhilaration of having a successful product . I have had both believe me. If I have had any success in my life it is because I have I have not been afraid to fail. Yup I have failed alot but failure leads to successes and as long as we learn from our mistakes ( you have to be bold enough to make them) we will grow and learn and prosper.

This blog is here for many reasons. I want to help those who are starting out, in our business. I completely understand the small business mentality . I have been there and I have done that. I love to share ideas and hopefully help friends and customers prosper in the heat applied transfer business.

Oh, and I want you to use our products. That is the purpose of this. At least for now we are a capitalist Country and we all want to make money. Ok, I slipped ( lets not get political ) so we won’t go there in this blog .

Please ask any question that you need to ask. If it is technical I will get my “experts” at Artbrands to help . If it is about licensing, copyrignt and trademark I have a vast knowledge of it. I also am smart enough to admit when I don’t know something ( which is often ) .

Thanks for reading this and lets have fun and make money.




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Artbrands llc




Artbrands llc  Home office

Artbrands llc
Home office


Me sitting on the King of Thrones chair at the licensing show. ( not very comfortable ) all that fighting for this chair ?

Me sitting on the King of Thrones chair at the licensing show. ( not very comfortable ) all that fighting for this chair ?